Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good Morning lovelies, and Welcome to the Coffee Chat!

I've got a bottomless cup of coffee today, as I am in catch up mode!
Does it seem I am always in catch up mode?
I feel like I'm always in catch up mode.

I have a very good reason - this time.

Since Left Brain missed all of Valentine's Weekend due to work, AND the fact that it was his birthday this past Sunday and he had the whole weekend off.....

...Hello Hotel Vacation!!!

Also, pillow top mattresses and room service should be mandatory in life.

Just let your love flow....

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

 Love.  Amour.   What is it?  Does it happen at first sight?  
Do you only get one great love per life time?  
How do YOU know love?

Ummmm....  *sound of crickets*

Wow.   One thing I can say for sure; love is a lot easier to experience - than it is to define.

It's a force of nature.  Yet, it's a law unto itself. 
It's a surrendering of Will.   Self.  Ego.  
Love always seeks the best for you.   It cares for you.   It is inherently compassionate.
Love knows that we are all interconnected.

Okay, first thing we all feel I guess is that "certain something something".
Love is chemistry.     A thirst that is never quite quenched perhaps.

Still, it comes in many forms.     Family, friends, lovers.... passions and hobbies.    We love all of this.

Reminder:  first and foremost though:  Yourself!!  
That's important.

Without any passionate commitment, we could say it is simply infatuation.
This is where I would say, YES Love at First Sight is entirely possible.   However ---- one must be very mature, very self aware; and be willing to nurture and protect that Thunderstruck feeling past the first few twinges within our wildly beating hearts.

You ever put your arms out and spin really, really fast?

Well, that's what love is like. It makes your heart race. It turns the world upside down. But if you're not careful, if you don't keep your eyes on something still, you can lose your balance. You can't see what's happening to the people around you. You can't see that you're about to fall. 

Even the greatest and best storybook loves would have withered and died without any kind of nurturing or dedication.

Love is the great paradox:  It frees us, but is also binds us.   Right moms?

And love really does drive all the greatest stories, doesn't it?

Okay..... here is another snippet from a story I started.   The previous one, Run To You,  is HERE. 

pull over now.

Your eyes leave the road and snap in his direction. 

His full stare is on you now, but those shades reveal nothing.  The car gradually pulls on to the gravel side, and you once more glance his way  - the question in your eyes - as the car comes to a slow halt.   You turn the CD volume down…..and wait.

Nothing.   But the firm set to his jaw… that nerve pulsing, tells you he is very intent on something.  

Sooooo, why are we stopped on the side road with miles still to go?  Is my singing actually making you ill?

He removes the sunglasses; but you already took note of how that eyebrow wiggled and raised, while his eyes found yours and held.  The crooked grin flashed and your heart hammered.   Still, you were unprepared for that moment when he leaned toward you, and the whispered caress from his lips, so very close to yours…

because I couldn’t wait any longer to kiss you.

And that was the moment it all began to change.  At the side of a country road, where the only sure things were that white line disappearing into the horizon of an uncertain future.   And how right his lips felt on yours.

However you experience it.
However you define it.
One thing that can be concluded:  Love is truly Life's greatest blessing.

Next Week:  Random Confession.  It's good for the soul! 

Share your random thoughts over at Stacey's too! 

Stacy Uncorked

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Leslie Botchar, aka "RoryBore", is a SAHM enjoying life one day - and one cup of coffee - at at time.
She has had several articles published in The Huffington Post, and hopes to one day marry her skills as Word Wrangler and Photo Ninja. Leslie spills it all on her blog Time Out For Mom, and invites you to join her for some Mom "Me" Time.
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Friday, February 20, 2015


"to suffer together"

It's more than just empathy; you're whole spirit groans under the weight of anothers' pain and suffering, until you are moved to Action.   Your voice cries out, added to theirs, until enough voices raised in song, like thorn-birds pierced upon the branch, warbling our anguished tune in the dying light.

In a dying, groaning world.

Do you hear the people sing?
The broken song of the forgotten.   The left behind.   The unwanted. 

Compassion is not growing too comfortable in our world of privilege.
It's not just taking care of the weeds in our own garden;  it's releasing good seeds of kindness into the wind, so that they may take root and bloom in other places.

Work less on changing peoples minds' - rather work on changing Hearts.

For me, Compassion is not letting the voices of the weak, grow dim.    It is using the power of our voice to do something more.
It's never, ever forgetting the blessings of Freedom already fought and won for us, and even more:  remembering that many still are fighting that battle.  Every. Day.

Why take on anothers' pain and suffering?
Why immerse yourself in a world that might be so foreign, and yes - even distasteful, than your own?

Compassion is a VERB.
And sometimes to be strong; you first must know what it is to be weak.

Because the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows... compassion.
- Dr. Abraham Erskine, Captain America: The First Avenger

Yeah, don't argue with me about the relevancy of Super Heroes in a modern world.
I'll fight ya.

You know, I try to talk to people about the state of this world we  live in.   Loving, Godly, kind people with hearts full of love for this world; and yet -- they shush me.    They don't want to hear about how bad this world has become.    They don't want to hear about children in cages sold for sex.   Sold by their own parents in such miserable poverty they saw no other way.   Sold to be used for the desires of many.   They don't want to talk about that shit.

And how could I blame them?
Because the very fact that a place such as the Street of Cages exists in this world, demonstrates OUR COMPLETE FAILURE. 

How dare we call ourselves a kind people.  A civilized race.   How dare we, when such a place continues to exist.   Children.  Sold.   Used.   Oh how we have mastered the art of looking away.

But such things are not the topics of discussion in our coffee chats and cocktail parties.   It's just.... awful and depressing.

And the darkness grows.
The evil marches and stretches it's talons across the forgotten battlefields of this world. 


Feel the Pain.  Really take it all in.   Suffer until your heart threatens to burst and bleed.
To do this,  you must SEE them; and to do that, you must first LISTEN.

Everyone has a story, and hers burst forth like wild little rays of light.   They shot through the black evil of this world, and cut straight to my heart.

her story shatters me
and instinct causes me to turn
squeeze my eyes shut tight
as though it could block the pain she unleashes
anymore than she could block the pain of her own dark world
I don’t want to hear, but there’s no escaping those eyes.
see me, hear me…. let me tell
for every word I release from my wounds
is like a wild little ray of light
that somehow managed to escape the darkness
and if I can release enough … maybe…
just maybe, I can push back this darkness that threatens to swallow me.
and maybe, just maybe…
if there are enough wild little rays
shining in unison 
they might make a spark.
a glorious burst of colour like a sunrise
new,  every morning
and maybe… just maybe
when mourning turns to light
I might find there Hope.
and carry on
one more day
And so, though my own tears blur her face
and my shoulders hunch close to my ears
mirroring her own small, huddled frame
but her voice speaks clear; truth
and I listen….

…. she was 8 years old when they took her to the Cages.

Oh, it hurt to hear.  To see.
Little broken bodies, hearts and crushed spirits.
Oh God -- the sparrow has fallen.  Who will care for it?

I was so moved and my heart cried out:  I will!
And acted.

Can one person, one small act change the world?
Probably not.

The enemy is strong and full of Will, and he marches ever onward, while we turn our sights onto shinier, more temporary things.

But thousands of us, all doing something?

Folks - that's an army.
And you don't win wars by doing nothing, or even by writing powerful words.

You win wars with soldiers.
(yes, Captain America also taught me that.)

Do you have the heart:  to hear, to see, and of courage to fight?

Add your voice.
And then; stand your post and be ever diligent.
It's not simply seeing what needs doing:  It's DOING IT.

If you want to know more about the Street of Cages and how you can help fight this atrocity of our world, I encourage you to read The Blue Notebook.   It's a hard story.  You will not like it.  It will hurt.   But, if you have the heart and courage to hear, you will be making a difference.   Proceeds do go towards helping these abused children.

If you are interested in sponsoring a girl who lives in areas deemed to be the most threatening, please visit Because I Am A Girl.    It's so amazing!!   My girls love writing letters to the little girl we sponsor in El Salvador.  She is Precious!!   If you want to teach your children Compassion, this is a great way to LIVE it.  

About The Author
Leslie Botchar, aka "RoryBore", is a SAHM enjoying life one day - and one cup of coffee - at at time.
She has had several articles published in The Huffington Post, and hopes to one day marry her skills as Word Wrangler and Photo Ninja. Leslie spills it all on her blog Time Out For Mom, and invites you to join her for some Mom "Me" Time.
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